Alkaline Herbs and Spices List

Acid-Alkaline Spices and Herbs Food Chart is a list of acid or alkaline values for common herbs and spices. I explain the values for this food list, and related lists, in my Basic Acid Alkaline Food List Introduction.

Remember: these tables help you make better food choices. But, the only way to confirm they are having the desired effect, is by measuring your urine pH. Fortunately, this is a simple process, using widely available pH test strips or meters.

Acid-Alkaline Spices and Herbs Food List

Food Description KCals Very Alkaline Slightly Alkaline About Neutral Slightly Acid Very Acid
Acid/Alkali Spices and Herbs
Basil, fresh 27 -10.01
Capers, canned 23 -0.69
Dill weed, fresh 43 -15.49
Horseradish, prepared 48 -4.87
Mustard, prepared, yellow 67 1.13
Peppermint, fresh 70 -12.65
Rosemary, fresh 131 -16.45
Salt, table 0 -0.50
Spearmint, dried 285 -55.42
Spearmint, fresh 44 -10.01
Spices, allspice, ground 263 -26.86
Spices, anise seed 337 -18.17
Spices, basil, dried 251 -85.36
Spices, bay leaf 313 -17.16
Spices, caraway seed 333 -13.33
Spices, cardamom 311 -22.57
Spices, celery seed 392 -34.71
Spices, chervil, dried 237 -92.40
Spices, chili powder 314 -31.05
Spices, cinnamon, ground 261 -23.75
Spices, cloves, ground 323 -31.58
Spices, coriander leaf, dried 279 -99.48
Spices, coriander seed 298 -23.21
Spices, cumin seed 375 -31.97
Spices, curry powder 325 -26.10
Spices, dill seed 305 -33.19
Spices, dill weed, dried 253 -74.51
Spices, fennel seed 345 -35.37
Spices, fenugreek seed 323 -1.20
Spices, garlic powder 332 -2.00
Spices, ginger, ground 347 -24.55
Spices, mace, ground 475 -9.87
Spices, marjoram, dried 271 -49.30
Spices, mustard seed, yellow 469 14.49
Spices, nutmeg, ground 525 -3.75
Spices, onion powder 347 -10.15
Spices, oregano, dried 306 -49.76
Spices, paprika 289 -36.33
Spices, parsley, dried 276 -81.49
Spices, pepper, black 255 -25.39
Spices, pepper, red or cayenne 318 -31.44
Spices, pepper, white 296 4.29
Spices, poppy seed 533 -1.87
Spices, poultry seasoning 307 -22.11
Spices, pumpkin pie spice 342 -19.13
Spices, rosemary, dried 331 -37.43
Spices, saffron 310 -29.58
s, sage, ground
315 -46.49
Spices, savory, ground 272 -51.11
Spices, tarragon, dried 295 -64.51
Spices, thyme, dried 276 -35.48
Spices, turmeric, ground 354 -46.66
Thyme, fresh 101 -15.56
Vanilla extract 288 -3.31
Vanilla extract, imitation, alcohol 237 -1.35
Vanilla extract, imitation, no alcohol 56 -0.05
Vinegar, balsamic 88 -2.07
Vinegar, cider 21 -1.45
Vinegar, distilled 18 2.0e-03
Vinegar, red wine 19 -0.68

I used these acid-alkaline foods charts to introduce this food website. These charts are basic. But, my latest charts have more information. And, they are easier to use.
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Your Alkaline Spices and Herbs

Please note that I am reorganizing the food charts to match the latest USDA database categories. So this spice categories chart will be replaced. Please see PRAL Food Category List for the latest categories.

As well as improving this chart, I want to help you make healthier food choices. So, what are your experiences with alkaline spices and herbs? I’d love to discuss your questions, experiences, and opinions about all aspects of healthy eating.

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Alkaline Spices and Herbs Comments

Foodary visitor responses include:

Alkaline Herbs and Spices for Vegetables

Roz told me she found the Acid-Alkaline Spices and Herbs Food Chart very interesting. Also, she added that she cooks a lot of vegetables. So I agreed that spices and herbs are a great addition to vegetables. Because they make it easy to stick to an alkaline diet. With a high proportion of alkalizing plant-based foods.
I asked Roz if she had any good spicy veg recipes to share. Because I find a lot of recipes from cookbooks and cooking websites are hard to follow. But I love recipes from friends that have been tried and tested. So if you have any please send them in the Feedback Form below.

Is Turmeric Alkaline or Acidic?

Billy commented:

Some, like Dr Sebi, say that turmeric is not Alkaline. Also, curry. Yeah, I see them on your list. Please explain

To which I replied:

I never heard of Sebi until you mentioned him. But it only took me a minute to find out he wasn’t a doctor. Neither am I, but I don’t make false claims.

For all the wrong reasons, he advocates a plant-based diet. Personally, I eat mostly plants. But I avoid the risks of going totally veggie by eating a vaguely Mediterranean style eating pattern. With fish around twice a week and meet around twice a month. Because that’s the easiest way for me to ensure I get essential nutrients without supplements. Also, I have to ask what you mean by curry as it has a lot of different interpretations.

I finished by asking for more information from Billy before answering specifically about turmeric. Because it clearly is alkaline. But I struggle to refute claims without a specific reference to what I’m explaining.

As a general note, I realize there is a lot of confusion about measuring alkaline foods. Because there is a lot of misinformation out there. So if you want me to clarify someone else’s opinion, please include a link or a quote so I can answer properly. All you need to do is paste the link into the feedback form when you add your comments. But before you send me your feedback, please subscribe to this website:

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