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Keith Taylor owns and manages Foodary. You can contact him to discuss any aspect of alkaline foods, nutrition data, and healthy recipes.

If you need help, or if you wish to share opinions and experiences, please join the Healthy Food Group. For sharing opinions and experiences about healthy food, you can also use Foodary on Facebook, but because of commenting restrictions, that is unsuitable for getting help. For Facebook, please follow the link in the sidebar to the right–>

Other common reasons for wanting to contact Foodary are:

You are Selling Food Related Products and Services
I am always interested in joint ventures to promote quality products and services related to alkaline foods, nutrition data, or healthy recipes. I am open about the fact that Foodary relies on advertising revenue and sales commissions to fund it’s free advice services. I prefer to open discussions in public in the Healthy Food Group. If your products and services stand up to public scrutiny, then I will contact you privately about potential deals.
You are Selling Website Services
I’m generally not interested, but always willing to listen. Please do not bother me privately. The Foodary website is managed by Shrewdies. If you think you may have services that can improve Foodary, please share them publicly in Shrewdies Website Support Forum.

If you need to contact me privately, please see Contact Keith Taylor.

Please remember, the primary point of contact for Foodary is Healthy Food Group.

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