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During the rest of 2022, I’m changing Foodary Food Facts Update Service to be part of the Foodary Nexus service. As the Foodary Nexus Newsletter, I’ll continue to deliver up-to-date food information direct to your inbox.

In fact, there are now two newsletters:

  • Foodary Nexus Subscriber’s Newsletter. Free to everyone, you get emails about new food facts and FAQs. As well as, lifetime access to additional subscriber content. As at September 2022, I’m adding subscriber content. Along with documentation about the features and benefits of Foodary Nexus. I describe this as the `Pre-launch` period. During which, subscribers will get features that I may subsequently move to Member services.

    This is a no-cost, no-risk opportunity to stay updated with news about alkaline foods, nutrition data, and all other healthy recipes topics.

  • Foodary Nexus Member’s Newsletter. This service requires monthly or yearly payment. Because members gain access to premium information and support. I will start to promote this service once the Subscriber tier is complete. Foodary Nexus Members will get all the Subscriber benefits. Plus earlier access to new content, more research information, and tools that make all your food projects easier to manage.

Both these newsletters work differently from the previous update service. Because that was an automated service that generated emails whenever I published new articles or changed old ones. But in the new service, I curate all updates and summarize the key points for you. Plus, you get updates about the extra resources that go beyond the webpage information.

As always, I promise that I will never share your email address with anyone else. I will only use it for sending you Foodary Nexus newsletters and service updates. There is a link in every email that allows you to unsubscribe whenever you like. As well as an online dashboard where you can manage your subscription and gain access to subscriber resources. I use Gumroad to provide this service, so please feel free to consult their privacy policy.

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With Foodary Nexus Newsletters, I’m combining all content from and with So now, there’s only one button to click…

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Subscription is free, and your email address is safe - I will never share it with anyone else. I use Gumroad to provide this service, as described at the Foodary Nexus Newsletter Service.

Food Facts Update Service Questions

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I’ve moved commenting into the Foodary Nexus. Where you can share your questions, experiences, and opinions about lowering acid load from food. For more information, I recommend that you subscribe to my free newsletter.

If you are asking a question, it is best to:

  1. Search for that question in the Foodary Search Engine first.
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  3. Refer to that result as you ask your question.