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Food Facts Update Service Subscribing

I run my Food Facts Update Service using Google’s FeedBurner service. Google handles the distribution so that I can focus on writing more articles. The procedure for subscribing is very simple:

  1. Enter your email address in the box above. An Email Subscription Request form will display when you click the button or press Enter.
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If you do not get a confirmation email, you cannot get the updates. This happens if you mis-type your email address, or if you have strong anti-spam filters on your email service. See if the confirmation email is in your spam box or other holding area, and make sure you change your settings to allow future emails to be received by you.

I strongly recommend you open a Gmail account for receiving emails. That will allow you to easily join Foodary Healthy Eating Group.

Food Facts Update Service Questions

If you have any questions about Foodary Food Facts Update Service, please ask in Foodary Healthy Eating Group. Do not reply to emails sent via this service, as they may not reach me.

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