Ultimate Nutrition: Potassium In Food & Drink

This list of potassium in food and drink lists several top potassium foods in spreadsheet format. It is a good first step for people wishing to reduce potassium intake. However, this is now largely superseded by Potassium for pH Balance.

A visitor has recently asked [edited for key points]:

“I am on a modified kidney diet and I have to limit my potassium. I am looking for any info on all foods that I eat. I was looking for potassium levels for all foods not just the high levels, so I am looking everywhere. There is not enough potassium information out there to be accessed, so anywhere I can get it will be a help.”

For many years, I have researched and trialled my food diary project. My current view is that there are many free and commercial food diaries available. Therefore, I will work with Foodary visitors to assess the best of these, and develop ways round any shortcomings.

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