Food Diary and Meal Plans

Your Food Diary

My mission is to provide your food diary so that you can record food and drink intake (and exercise), and analyze your nutritional strengths and weaknesses.

I’ve never met anyone who keeps a food diary for fun. You will have your own reasons for keeping track of your diet, and I want to give you free tools that help you. This is a spin-off from my health website, where many patients look to improve their health through better diet. Many people want to simply lose weight for health or cosmetic reasons. Others have a health condition that dictates their nutritional requirements.

Whatever the reason, my food diary will become your way of tracking what you need. But, more than that, you will be able to call for help and advice from people in similar situations. With your food diary facts and your food friend’s devotion, you cannot fail to improve your health and wellbeing.

Your Food Diary Road Map

June 2011
Move all PRAL tables from old health project, add index & explanations. Add Food diary features and benefits plan, with voting options. Introduce basic theme (website layout) changes with navigation.
July 2011
Subject to software availability, commence basic diary registration and reporting on (probable focus on favorite food choices and portion sizes). Extend forum usability.
October 2017
Start of nutrition mentoring service. So, I will include my online food diary service in this.

Food Diary and Meal Plans
Food diary, meal plans, and much more

My development plans are always heavily influenced by the feedback I receive, so please let me know what is important to you, using the comment box below.

During these early stages, I will be introducing some basic nutrition reference charts that allow you to analyze your diet. Soon, I will transform these into interactive tools to allow you to record and analyze what you eat. And optional discussion tools that allow you to seek advice on the best way to improve your diet. This website is deliberately quite basic at the moment, as I want to focus on features that you tell me you need.

I’ve kept to my usual standard of asking you to register before you participate in discussions here. This is a simple process for you, and I can assure you that I will never share your registration details with anyone else. Nor will I bombard you with unnecessary emails, though I might occasionally contact you about important developments.

Your Food Diary: Next Steps

I’ve updated this website during 2014 to take a simpler direction. See About Foodary. So, I’ve teamed up with the best online food diary and nutrition service. Then, I will offer various nutrition mentoring programs based on this service.

Tell me what more you want in Foodary Food and Health Help Services.

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  1. An online food diary tracking program sounds good. I would also like to track Oxalic acid, PRAL, and maybe Benzoic acid also (in pitted friut – prunes?).

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