Food Diary Benefits – The Main 2 Types

In the past, I’ve explained benefits I found when using a food diary. Also, I’ve discussed this with Foodary readers to understand the features they find most useful. Now, I’ll look at general benefits of a food diary. As reported by the scientific community.

Food Diary Benefits Intention

I wrote this article to explain benefits of food diaries. As found during nutrition and health studies. So that you can adapt the best features for your own needs.

Types of Food Diary Benefit

During my review of food diary science I’ve identified two types of benefits of a food diary:

  1. General benefits from the act of using a food diary.
  2. Specific health benefits revealed by the data from a food diary.

1. Benefits of a Food Diary

In my first report I focus on the first type of benefit. That is, reasons why it’s often a good idea to keep daily records of what you eat and drink. So this is mostly about the features you might need from your own recording tools.

Significantly, most of these ideas come from clinical settings. But the principles are often useful in a home setting. So when I explain these food diary benefits I will also consider common diary features.

2. Benefits from Food Diary Records

My second report covers specific health benefits revealed by data from food diary records. Note that some studies cover both types of benefits.

For this report I mention the diseases that benefit from food diary records. But I will not spend much time explaining the dietary significance of the results. Because at this stage I want to explain overall benefits of food diaries and journals. Then I’ll look at specific diseases in more detail where there is interest from readers.

In this way you can judge if keeping a food diary might benefit you.

Two Types of Benefits for Food Journals

Your Food Diary Benefits

As you can see, there are lots of benefits from a food diary. But only you can know if the benefits to you will be worth the time and effort required.

At this stage, it is best if you focus on the features you need to get the benefits that are most important to you. Then you can compare different diary systems to find the one that is best for you.

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