Benefits of Keeping a Food Diary

In the past, I’ve explained benefits I found when using a food diary. Also, I’ve discussed this with Foodary readers to understand the features they find most useful.

Next, I researched some general benefits of a food diary. As reported by the scientific community. Then this became the foundation for my continuing review of medical Food Journal Benefits. At the same time it became clear that researching those illnesses provided insight into diseases that benefit from keeping a food diary. But patients are more concerned with benefits for specific symptoms. Especially how certain foods relieve symptoms. So I maintain the Food Symptoms Diary. That focuses on ways that food diaries can monitor test results and symptom changes compared with food intake changes.

Now, I’ve changed direction with what started as an introduction to food diary benefits. Because people need practical advice on how to keep a food diary. So that it benefits their illness or wellbeing.

Food Diary Benefits Intention

I wrote this article to explain benefits of keeping food diaries. In particular, how to use available resources. So that you can adapt the best features for your own needs.

Types of Food Diary Benefit

I have realized that many people get distracted when they start a food diary. Especially when using an online service. Because those services tend to extol the virtues of their system. But you need to focus on those features that will benefit you.

So before you consider a specific diary keeping method, you should clarify what features you need.

During my review of food diary science I’ve identified two types of food diary benefits:

  1. General benefits revealed in illness and wellbeing studies.
  2. Specific health benefits revealed by recording symptoms, test results, and food intake.

1. Food Journal Benefits

How can food journals help you? See many benefits from recording food intake. All scientifically proved. Which food journal benefits will help you improve?

2. Food Symptoms Diary

Eating diaries help manage health conditions. But only if you monitor test results and symptoms alongside diet changes. Get food symptoms diary insights.

Benefits of Keeping a Food Diary

I am compiling an analysis of online food diary services. In which I evaluate the extent to which features support general requirements. Then the extent to which they support specific needs for monitoring improvements. As I complete my reviews, I link them here.

Currently, I’m researching Eat This Much, Nutritics, and various spreadsheets.

Two Types of Food Diary Benefits

Two Types of Food Diary Benefits

Your Food Diary Benefits

As you can see, there are lots of benefits from keeping food diaries. But only you can know if the benefits to you will be worth the time and effort required.

At this stage, it is best if you focus on the features you need to get the benefits that are most important to you. Then you can compare different diary systems to find the one that is best for you.

Do you want me to review a specific food diary system that I have not listed here? Then please tell me on the feedback form below.

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