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Foodary helps you discover the science behind eating patterns.

So that means helping you talk with your doctor about any food issues that affect your wellbeing. Because I provide scientific data about diets and diseases. But you have to ask your doctor how that applies to your health condition. Then you can support your doctor’s treatment plan. With food and lifestyle options that help your professional health plan – not hinder it.

Foodary Nutrition Facts

Nutrition is the study of how your body uses the nutrients from eating food. Also, the relationship between your eating patterns, illness, and wellbeing.

Good nutrition is about balancing food intake with the needs of your body. Because too few or too many nutrients lead to malnutrition. So good eating patterns prevent you becoming over-nourished or under-nourished. Malnutrition reduces wellbeing and increases diseases.

Obviously, you consult health professionals for nutritional guidance. Especially where you are suffering effects of poor nutrition. But how can you discuss nutrition with your doctor if you have no clue what nutrition means?

Foodary does not give nutrition advice. Instead, I help you discover scientific facts about food that might affect your situation. So you get more benefits from professional consultation. But you need to consider both sides of nutrition – diet and disease. Or as I put it, illness and wellbeing on one side and food on the other side.

Foodary Illnesses and Wellbeing Facts

For each disease affected by food, I review the science. Then I add articles to What Diet for Your Disease?. But if I haven’t covered your health problems yet, just send me a message on the feedback form near the end of any page.

Foodary Food Facts

I’m creating an index of food items. To show you how they affect different diseases. Also, if there are healthier alternatives. Now, I’m still in the early stages of Foods for Disease and Wellbeing. But again, I’ll prioritize your favorite foods if you ask on the feedback form.

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Top Nutrition Facts

To get you started, here are the top 7 nutrition facts from Foodary:

Alkaline Vegetables List December 3, 2020Alkaline Vegetables List

The alkaline vegetables list has extra nutrition data for healthy eating. Also check fiber, sugar and salt intake. Make alkaline vegetables even healthier.

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Acid-Alkaline Beef List December 1, 2020Acid-Alkaline Beef List

Is beef acidic or alkaline? Clearly it's acid-forming due to protein. But we all need protein. So balance low-acid beef with lots of alkalizing vegetables.

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Potassium in Food Chart November 30, 2020Potassium in Food Chart

How important is potassium for effective alkaline diet? It is an essential part of your alkalinity score calculation. Get the PRAL Potassium in Food Chart now.

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PRAL Food Category List November 30, 2020PRAL Food Category List

Food Category Lists help analyze your current eating patterns. Then you can replace acid-forming foods with alkalizing ones. Plan better food choices now.

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Alkaline Food Lists Explanation November 30, 2020Alkaline Food Lists Explanation

Alkaline food lists are important to anyone who needs a healthy diet. Do not be misled by false acid-alkaline food charts. Get the real alkaline food lists.

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Better Diabetic Neuropathy Diet November 28, 2020Better Diabetic Neuropathy Diet

A good Diabetic Neuropathy Diet can help you reduce the pain of diabetes. Research shows which diets can reduce diabetic pain. Get science-based recipes now.

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What foods can you eat on an alkaline diet? November 28, 2020What foods can you eat on an alkaline diet?

Do you know what foods you can eat on an alkaline diet? Eat almost anything with balanced food combinations. Get the truth about alkaline diet foods now.

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