Purpose of Foodary.com

I started Foodary.com as an investigation of PRAL-based alkaline eating patterns. Because my investigations of personal health concerns revealed that reducing my net acid load on my kidneys had many health benefits. Subsequently, I enjoyed researching different diets and different diseases. So I’m currently reorganizing Foodary content to reflect this.

Purpose of Foodary.com

The purpose of Foodary.com is to review scientific data that links foods and disease. Because it is important for people who are unwell to discuss their illness and lifestyle with their doctors. Then patients can make better decisions about diet choices. So they can ensure that their lifestyle supports their doctor’s treatment plan.

In a nutshell, Foodary helps you discuss your disease and diet concerns with health professionals. So that you can work with your doctor to ensure eating patterns support your medicines and treatment plan.

Purpose of the Foodary.com Website

Supporting Professional Nutrition Consultation

So if you are unsure how to ask your doctor. Or if you want to clarify your doctor’s advice. Then share your questions, experiences, and opinions on the Feedback Form below.

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