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Foodary investigates foods that affect health. By researching the latest nutrition science relating to disease and wellness. Then I summarize the findings in layman’s terms. So people with health concerns can discuss diet changes with their health professionals.

It’s hard to discuss nutrition with health professionals. Because you’re not sure which questions to ask. Then you might not understand the answers. So the Foodary website prepares you to have better discussions with professionals about your health and nutrition concerns. But that works best when you understand how the Foodary website works. So these pages guide you how to make the best use of Foodary.com.

The Foodary.com Website Background

I’m Keith Taylor and I started the Foodary.com website in 2008. As a spin-off from one of my health websites. Because I learned that food could influence my health condition and other diseases. So I wanted to spread the word and provide useful tools.

At that time, I thought the best way was to:

  1. Record food and drink consumption in a food diary
  2. Analyze strengths and weaknesses concerning general healthy nutrition principles
  3. Discuss with my doctor how diet changes might support the treatment plan.
  4. Monitor, assess and continuously improve

This is still part of the Foodary healthy eating support services, but it does not suit everyone. It can be tedious to enter everything you consume into a food diary. Many people don’t want to track what they eat continuously. Instead, they want to adopt healthy eating habits. With occasional assessment and review.

A large part of the assessment process was analysis of PRAL nutrition values. So I have published several PRAL food charts. Listing alkalizing and acid-forming foods. As of 2020, I am moving charts and nutrition lists to ALKAscore.

Foodary Healthy Recipes was a 2014 initiative to simplify the process of adopting healthy eating patterns. With simple, healthy recipes that acknowledge your personal health needs. You can still track consumption if you want, and get access to personal recommendations based on your history. It’s an option if you want it, or you can just go with the suggested healthy recipe plan. Subsequently, I’ve moved recipes and meal plans to EFSEP

During 2020, I’m differentiating the Foodary.com, ALKAscore.com, and EFSEP.com, websites. So this website is now “Foodary Nutrition Facts”. Here, I focus on explaining scientific facts about links between eating, illness, and wellness. At ALKAscore, I focus on data about nutrients. Finally, at EFSEP, I focus on eating wholesome food.

More About the Foodary.com Website

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