Foods for Disease and Wellbeing

Foods for Disease and Wellbeing is my index for my nutrition knowledgebase. Because this Foodary website is all about facts about food and how nutrition affects illness and wellness. So, this is your starting point to see:

  • Key Nutrients explained.
  • Nutrient content of common foods and drinks.
  • Which foods make illness worse.
  • Foods that help fight diseases.
  • Wellness promoting food and drink.

Foods for Disease and Wellbeing Audience

I wrote Foods for Disease and Wellbeing for everyone who wants to learn about nutrition. Also for people who want to learn how healthy eating can fight illness and promote wellness.

Foods for Disease and Wellbeing Sections

I split this section of the website into these areas:

Nutrients for Health

Explanations about key nutrients from the USDA Guides to Healthy Eating Patterns. Many health conditions rely on the right balance of nutrients in your diet. So you need to know important nutrients, their best food sources, and other facts to help make healthier food choices. You need science facts for healthy nutrition. Read Nutrients for Health now.

Healthy Food Facts

Charts of foods and drinks that are good sources of important nutrients with related facts about how to make better food choices.

Diseases and Diet

Details of illnesses and how certain foods might make diseases better or worse. See What Diet for Your Disease.

Wellbeing from Healthy Eating Patterns

How certain foods encourage wellness and improve quality of life. (See comments below).

Does Food Measure Your Health?

Does Food Measure Your Health?

Your Foods for Disease and Wellbeing

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Foods for Disease and Wellbeing Comments

Foodary visitor responses include:

What is “Wellbeing”?

John wrote “I see a lot about food and wellbeing but isn’t this nonsense? I see how food can help some diseases. But after that, surely eating is just about pleasure?”

I responded that I believe pleasure is important. But that’s an important part of wellbeing. I also asked John more about his thoughts on wellbeing. Because it seems too important to me to be dismissed as “nonsense”.

Anyway, there are many studies about wellbeing and food. So if there is enough interest in this, I will summarize research I’ve found so far. Of particular interest to John, I found at least one study relating food, pleasure, and wellbeing[1]. So if you want more information, please use the Feedback Form below.

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Foods for Disease and Wellbeing References

  1. Ares, Gastón, Luis De Saldamando, Ana Giménez, and Rosires Deliza. “Food and wellbeing. Towards a consumer-based approach.” Appetite 74 (2014): 61-69.

Foods for Disease and Wellbeing Document Change History

As a “hub page”, I do not maintain revision history for Foods for Disease and Wellbeing. Because this is a list of content pages. So I keep change histories on those content pages.

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