Acid-Alkaline Dairy and Egg Products Food List

Alkaline Dairy & Egg Products Update

I’m moving nutrition lists to ALKAscore. Where I’m also reconfiguring them to match the latest food groups. So it’s best to search for your favorite alkaline dairy foods. Or start from the new Food Groups Index (DGA Food Group 4: Dairy or DGA Food Group 5: Protein for eggs).

Here at Foodary, I’ll continue to investigate how diseases and wellbeing are affected by dairy and egg products. Both as a group, and for individual dairy foods.

Individual Dairy Foods Science

Where I find studies about the effects of dairy foods on health and wellbeing, I will summarize them. Including articles on the effects of buttermilk, cheese, cottage cheese, cream, cream cheese, curd, eggs, half-and-half, heavy cream, milk, sour cream, and yogurt. So please let me know if you have special interest in any of these dairy foods. Because that helps me prioritize my research.

Acid-Alkaline Dairy and Egg Products Food List

I’ve retired the old format for Alkaline Dairy & Egg Products List. But the original list is available as a free Alkaline Dairy & Egg Products Spreadsheet. Or, you will find it in the free resources listed in your dashboard if you subscribe to my free Foodary Nexus Newsletter…

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I’ve added extra columns to the spreadsheet to help you make choices about eggs and dairy consumption. In particular, you can now compare PRAL values per 100 calories. So here are two examples from opposite ends of the range…

Most Acidic Dairy & Egg Products

These dairy & egg products are listed with the highest acid load first. Where the first number in the list is PRAL value per 100 calorie serving:

  • 20 ┈ Cheese, pasteurized process, cheddar or American, fat-free
  • 18 ┈ Cheese, cream, fat free
  • 18 ┈ Cheese, pasteurized process, Swiss, low fat
  • 16 ┈ Cheese, pasteurized process, American, low fat
  • 16 ┈ Cheese, mozzarella, nonfat
  • 13 ┈ Cheese, low fat, cheddar or Colby
  • 13 ┈ Cheese, cottage, nonfat, uncreamed, dry, large or small curd
  • 12 ┈ Cheese, cottage, lowfat, 1% milkfat
  • 12 ┈ Cheese, cottage, lowfat, 1% milkfat, no sodium added
  • 11 ┈ Cheese, Swiss, low fat

Most Alkaline Dairy & Egg Products

Here are the top alkaline dairy and egg products with the lowest acid load. Because these foods help you reduce your daily PRAL score, I’ve listed a few more than 10. In fact, these are all the alkaline dairy and egg products from the USDA legacy database:

  • -14 ┈ Beverage, milkshake mix, dry, not chocolate
  • -8 ┈ Whey, sweet, fluid
  • -7 ┈ Whey, acid, dried
  • -6 ┈ Whey, acid, fluid
  • -5 ┈ Whey, sweet, dried
  • -5 ┈ Beverage, instant breakfast powder, chocolate, sugar-free, not reconstituted
  • -3 ┈ Milk, low sodium, fluid
  • -3 ┈ Cheese, gjetost
  • -3 ┈ Cream substitute, powdered, light
  • -3 ┈ Milk, fluid, nonfat, calcium fortified (fat free or skim)
  • -2 ┈ Milk, buttermilk, fluid, cultured, reduced fat
  • -2 ┈ Sour cream, light
  • -2 ┈ Milk, chocolate, fluid, commercial, reduced fat, with added calcium
  • -1 ┈ Yogurt, chocolate, nonfat milk
  • -1 ┈ Beverage, instant breakfast powder, chocolate, not reconstituted
  • -1 ┈ Cream substitute, liquid, with hydrogenated vegetable oil and soy protein
  • -1 ┈ Cream substitute, liquid, with lauric acid oil and sodium caseinate
  • -1 ┈ Milk, dry, nonfat, regular, with added vitamin A
  • -1 ┈ Milk, dry, nonfat, regular, without added vitamin A
  • -1 ┈ Cream substitute, liquid, light
  • -1 ┈ Milk, human, mature, fluid
  • -1 ┈ Milk, goat, fluid
  • -1 ┈ Milk, canned, evaporated, nonfat
  • -1 ┈ Milk, chocolate beverage, hot cocoa, homemade
  • -1 ┈ Milk, Indian buffalo, fluid
  • -1 ┈ Milk shakes, thick chocolate

Remember: PRAL values help you make better food choices. But the only way to confirm they are having the desired effect is by measuring the pH (acidity/alkalinity) of your urine. This is a simple process using widely available pH test strips or meters.
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Your Acid-Alkaline Dairy and Egg Products

How will you plan Dairy and Egg Products in your alkaline diet? Please share your questions, experiences, and opinions about dairy and egg products on the feedback form below.

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  1. Patricia on

    I looked at your chart for eggs, I can’t figure out if eggs are Acid or Alkaline as your chart show figures under both columns. So I have no idea why under Alkaline the figures are whole numbers and under Acid they contain decimals. I found your information of no use to me. I’ll keep searching.

    • Eggs are acidic, which is why they have positive numbers in the right-hand columns.

      From your description of your problem, it looks like you are confusing the first column, calories, with the alkaline values.

      Do you think it would be better if I moved the calories values before the description. Or perhaps I could recast the table with values for 100 calories of food rather than 100 g.

      Please don’t give up on me Patricia. I can help you get where you want to be, but only if you will let me.