Ultimate Nutrition: Potassium In Food & Drink

This list of potassium in food and drink lists several top potassium foods in spreadsheet format. It is a good first step for people wishing to reduce potassium intake. However, this is now largely superseded by Potassium for pH Balance.

A visitor has recently asked [edited for key points]:

“I am on a modified kidney diet and I have to limit my potassium. I am looking for any info on all foods that I eat. I was looking for potassium levels for all foods not just the high levels, so I am looking everywhere. There is not enough potassium information out there to be accessed, so anywhere I can get it will be a help.”

For many years, I have researched and trialled my food diary project. My current view is that there are many free and commercial food diaries available. Therefore, I will work with Foodary visitors to assess the best of these, and develop ways round any shortcomings.

Ultimate Nutrition Chart

There is a tremendous amount of data required for this project. Fortunately, whilst my data input and presentation routines are nowhere near ready, the raw data is based on the USDA nutrition database. You can use this data in my Foodary Nutrition Spreadsheet. This includes PRAL and potassium values as well as most common nutrients. My aim is to provide you the ultimate nutrition data to help you plan and improve your diet, no matter what your personal needs are.

I provide full support for using that spreadsheet in Foodary Healthy Eating Forum.

Assessing your dietary needs to account for health issues needs a personal approach. For that, you can use Foodary Healthy Eating – Food and Health Help Services. Just ask whatever questions you like about potassium in food & drink.

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