What foods can you eat on an alkaline diet?

Do you want to know what foods you can eat on an alkaline diet?

Does that mean you want a list of alkaline foods, an alkaline diet plan, some recipes, or some general guidance about what types of food are alkaline?

I explain the different aspects of alkaline diet foods below. Before I explain those aspects, I need to be clear about what we mean by alkaline diet foods.

What are Alkaline Diet Foods?

I heard an actress talking about her alkaline diet recently. I was instantly reminded of the dangers of misunderstanding an Alkaline Food Diet. The actress hesitated when offered a taste of a fish-based meal. She worried aloud that she wasn’t sure if she should accept it as she was following an alkaline diet.

The meal in question was a healthy meal prepared by a top chef. The acidic fish was well-balanced with alkaline vegetables. There was no problem with the meal – but there was a big problem with understanding the concept of alkaline diets.

Acid Alkaline Diet

In that Alkaline Food Diet article, I stated:

the term alkaline food diet is much easier to use than acid-alkaline food diet. Just remember, it is important to balance both types of food so that you get adequate nutrition. Do not avoid acid foods, just make your total food intake alkaline.

An alkaline diet should really be called an acid-alkaline diet. For convenience, we can drop the acid part from conversation, but we should never drop it from our diet. There is a lot of science that explains why an acid-alkaline diet is particularly healthy. I explain the science in my acid alkaline diet articles. I use the science of acid alkaline diet as a foundation for healthy eating. However, eating is not about science, it’s about food.

Alkaline Diet Foods

The science can be overwhelming at times, so many of my articles explain how alkaline diet foods contribute to alkaline diet. Sometimes this can be specific foods. Most of the questions from Foodary visitors are whether certain foods are alkaline or acidic. Other times, I explain certain alkaline diet food groups. Often, the easiest way to manage alkaline diet foods is to think in simple terms of balancing meat with sufficient veg.

This week, I realized the best time to manage alkaline diet foods is whilst you are shopping. If your shopping cart has a good PRAL alkalinity score, your diet will have. I will continue to explore this concept, and try and develop some simple shopping tools that make it easy for you to buy an alkaline diet.

Alkaline Diet Recipes

Though foods are at the heart of an alkaline diet, when we eat, our focus is on a meal. Very rarely do we eat a single food. We eat combinations, and those combinations are what makes the diet work.

At this stage in the development of Foodary, I have resisted too much emphasis on alkaline diet recipes. Yet, ultimately, alkaline diet recipes are the main reason for this website. Whilst laying the foundations, I have realized how tedious it can be to work out pH balance diet scores for every recipe ingredient. I am currently working on simpler scoring systems. Then I can move on to providing you with easily-managed alkaline diet recipes.

Alkaline Diet Plan

The final step is to create a personal alkaline diet plan for you. This personal plan takes your favorite foods, together with any personal health factors. It provides an eating plan that takes account of both those factors, yet is healthily alkaline. At the moment, I am gathering information about dietary factors in various diseases.

So, I need to give you more information about your favorite foods, and more information about how diet affects your disease. I can only do that if you tell me what concerns you. I plan to introduce short surveys to collect this information. However, I always prefer the insight gained from conversation – even online-typed conversation. So please share your concerns in the feedback form below.

What's on your Alkaline Shopping List?

What’s on your Alkaline Shopping List?

What foods can you eat on an alkaline diet?

It is important to understand questions like What foods can you eat on an alkaline diet. I need to understand exactly what you mean by that question. Then I can explain alkaline diet in ways that you can act on. Therefore, I want to make it easier for you, by letting you join the conversation here, without moving to separate websites. So please leave your comments in the feedback form below.

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