Anti-inflammatory Strawberries and Honey

Strawberries and honey are both the subject of many health studies. So here I review a recent study that looks at both these foods. Because it summarizes anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits in several chronic diseases.

Now, this is interesting for most people concerned with healthy eating. But it is especially important if you are also concerned with diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or metabolic syndrome.

Anti-inflammatory Strawberries and Honey Purpose

I wrote this review to summarize recent scientific research into some health benefits of strawberries and honey[1]. Because these foods might help with certain chronic diseases. So sufferers can discuss appropriate diet changes with their professional health advisors. In keeping with the Purpose of Foodary.

However, you will see that this research is primarily based on establishing grounds for further research in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications. So it does not provide specific dietary advice. But it might help you and your advisers improve your health management. By adapting your diet to include more sources of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds.

Anti-inflammatory Strawberries and Honey Report

Firstly, you should be aware that this report summarizes several existing studies. Many of which are investigations of cellular microbiology. So it is extremely technical. Therefore, I will not attempt to explain the scientific principles underlying these studies.

Instead, I will summarize the conclusions. Then you can consult with relevant professionals if you feel that strawberries and/or honey might help you.

This report builds on previous work that has identified links between inflammation, oxidative stress, and several chronic diseases. Being:

Also, it identifies strawberries and honey as rich sources of vitamins, phenols, and similar antioxidants. So it summarizes several human and animal studies to conclude the health benefits. Being:

  • Scavenge unstable molecules that might damage cells.
  • Chelate metal elements to reduce toxic effects.
  • Induce several cellular antioxidant systems.
  • Decrease the production of pro-inflammatory substances.
  • Increase the production of anti-inflammatory substances.

So the report recognizes that beneficial properties of strawberries and honey are improved by this ability to target different inflammation pathways.

However, even in foods with relatively high concentrations of these compounds, there are 6 potential problem areas:

  1. How compounds are released from foods.
  2. Solubility of compounds as they are digested.
  3. Degradation of compounds in the stomach and intestines.
  4. Absorption of compounds in the intestines.
  5. Reaction with enzymes.
  6. Transportation to cells through the bloodstream.

Anti-inflammatory Strawberries and Honey Summary

Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds in strawberries, honey, and other healthy foods can help fight diseases. But in natural forms, they have limited therapeutic value. However, there is scope for developing new methods to harness these compounds for medicinal purposes.

strawberry and honey may be effective in preventing oxidative stress and inflammation. [..] extreme importance for the possible therapeutic and preventive benefit against the most common human diseases.

Your Anti-inflammatory Strawberries and Honey

You have learned about some health benefits of strawberries and honey. But you must always remember that individual food items are not the answer to health problems. Because they have to be considered with regard to the rest of your diet. Also, any benefits from diet must always be considered by your doctor in the light of your treatment plan.

So it’s best to start by discussing this with your doctor. But if you are not sure how to ask, I can help. Similarly, you might not understand your doctor’s advice about strawberries and honey. In either case or just to share your views, please use the Feedback Form below.

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Anti-inflammatory Strawberries and Honey References

  1. Battino, Maurizio, Francesca Giampieri, Danila Cianciosi, Johura Ansary, Xiumen Chen, Di Zhang, Emilio Gil, and Tamara Forbes-Hernández. “The roles of strawberry and honey phytochemicals on human health: a possible clue on the molecular mechanisms involved in the prevention of oxidative stress and inflammation.” Phytomedicine (2020): 153170.

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