Better Diet for Kidney Disease

A new review of the effects of diets on Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) was published recently in Current Hypertension Reports. So here I summarize current Foodary articles about kidney disease. Then I explain the important new findings. Finally, I look at what you might do next if you are looking to improve your diet for kidney disease.

Better Diet for Kidney Disease Purpose

The purpose of this report is to summarize some known effects of diet on kidney disease. So that you can discuss your concerns with your doctor. Then you might work together to find changes to your eating patterns that increase your chances of better kidney function.

Better Diet for Kidney Disease Background

In earlier reports, I have explained that some dietary factors have effects on CKD and other aspects of kidney health:

What has pH Balance to do with Diseases?
An alkaline diet can reduce muscle wasting diseases including Kidney Failure.[1]
PRAL Timeline: Proof Of Concept Years
Various reports showing the benefits of PRAL alkaline diet for kidney diseases. Including kidney stones.
PRAL Timeline: Early Adoption Of New Standard
Continues the recognition of benefits of PRAL alkaline diet for kidney stones.
What Diet for Your Disease?
Reviews Low Calorie Diets for kidney disease. Also Low Sodium Diets for swollen kidneys[2].

Better Diet for Kidney Disease Report

Early 2020 sees a comprehensive review of 21 studies commonly consumed foods and beverages in relation to kidney function[3]. Because the authors note that kidney disease is increasing around the world.

Unfortunately, the review finds insufficient food and kidney health studies. So specific advice is limited. But the reviewers are confident “Healthy dietary patterns are associated with a lower risk of CKD”. Furthermore, they can identify some specific food groups that can increase or decrease the risks of kidney disease:

Better Foods for Kidney Disease

The report finds dairy, vegetables, legumes, and nuts beneficial for kidney health.

Worse Foods for Kidney Disease

The report advises against sugar-sweetened beverages and red (processed) meat.

Better Diet for Kidney Disease Summary

To summarize, this review shows that a healthy dietary pattern may help prevent kidney function decline and lower the risk of CKD. The number of studies of individual foods and beverages in this field, however, is limited and most of the evidence comes from a limited number of cohorts. More research on the components of healthy (and unhealthy) diets and indicators of kidney health in different populations is needed to fill these knowledge gaps.

Lentils with Peanut Sauce

Better Diet for Your Kidney Disease

You can see that healthier diet choices can improve your kidneys. But you must stay aware that you must work with your doctor to implement a kidney care package. Because your doctor can arrange the right tests for you. Then provide a treatment plan that keeps you safe.

In that situation, you can discuss how diet changes can help your doctor’s treatment plan. Because those changes might make your recovery faster.

Now if you are not sure how to start discussing diet improvements with your professional kidney care advisers, I can help. So describe your concerns on the feedback form below. Then I’ll help you ask the right questions. Also, I’ll help you understand your doctor’s responses.

Better Diet for Kidney Disease References

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