Healthy Eating Patterns and Hearing Loss

Healthy Eating Patterns and Hearing Loss is my review of a recent nutrition study linking healthy diets with better hearing.

Let’s Hear It For Healthy Eating Patterns Audience

I wrote Healthy Eating Patterns and Hearing Loss for people who are generally interested in fighting diseases with diet. Especially people concerned with an acquired hearing loss.

Healthy Eating Patterns and Hearing Loss Study

This is my review of a recent statistical study which compares adherence to healthy eating patterns with rates of hearing loss[1].

Healthy Eating Patterns and Hearing Introduction

The introduction describes how 48 million Americans are affected by hearing loss. Then how this can lead to other diseases affecting the quality of life. So it continues to describe how healthy eating might help hearing loss. Including:

  • Better blood flow to the ear.
  • Reducing oxidative damage.
  • Decreasing inflammation.

Healthy Eating Patterns and Hearing Loss Methods

This study takes its hearing loss data from over 80,000 female registered nurses. Then it applies diet scoring analysis to the participants based on their adherence to 3 established healthy eating patterns. Finally, it compares hearing loss incidence with 5 bands of diet scores.

The healthy eating patterns used in this study are the Mediterranean Diet, DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension), and the 2010 Alternative Healthy Eating Index (AHEI-2010).

Healthy Eating Patterns and Hearing Loss Results

The analysis is a complex statistical process that involves techniques beyond the scope of Foodary. So I have simplified the results as shown in the Healthy Diet Hearing Loss Cases chart below. Obviously, the simplification hides a great deal of data. But I believe it shows the important principles:

  1. There is a clear reduction in hearing loss incidence when people adopt a recognized healthy eating pattern.
  2. Statistics help identify groups and potential diet improvements. But for practical individual use, we need more in-depth research into specific foods and nutrients.
Healthy Diet Hearing Loss Chart

Which is your favorite diet for avoiding hearing loss?

Healthy Eating Patterns and Hearing Loss Conclusion

This study concludes:

  1. Women with healthy diets are less likely to suffer hearing loss.
  2. Healthy eating patterns have been shown to help many diseases, and hearing loss may be added to that list.

Healthy Eating Patterns and Your Hearing

Statistical nutrition studies are great for giving pointers to potential benefits of healthy eating patterns. Because groups of people can be analyzed for trends and links. But this is only the first stage in identifying specific components within healthy diets that might improve hearing. Also, there is no possibility of checking if diet changes can improve existing hearing loss.

However, this study reinforces the recommendation to move towards better eating patterns as soon as you can. So if you need help starting a healthy eating plan ask in the forum.

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Healthy Eating Patterns and Hearing Loss References

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