What Nutrition Data Do You Need?

In this first phase of the food diary project, I have imported some nutrition data from another health project.

Though this initial data focuses on Potential Renal Acid Load (PRAL) and calories, the food diary will contain many more nutrition values.

The food diary will initially be based on enhanced USDA data. This public domain data is widely used by many online food diaries, but it does have some drawbacks.

These easiest one to overcome is the one I have already tackled. PRAL is a calculated value, but it is not present in the original USDA nutrition tables. A simple calculation allows me to present PRAL values in a usable format, which should cater for all those people interested in acid-alkaline diets. But is this enough? Is NEAP important to you?

Are there other nutrition values that are important to you?

There are two aspects of nutrition data that I would like to help you with, but I need your feedback to tell me what you need exactly.

The first aspect relates to the food diary software that will allow you to analyze your food and drink intake. What are the most important nutrients that you would like to see reported and why? Some of these may be relevant to specific health problems. For example, I realize that sugar intake is important to diabetics, but what exactly do you want to see.

The second aspects relates to food charts that I will publish here. I can generate these fairly quickly, so you will not have to wait for the food diary software. What nutrition data charts would you like to see?

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