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Here’s a quick heads up about forthcoming changes. I’m preparing more detailed explanations. But the key points are:

  • I’m about to launch a new support service called Foodary Nexus. One of the important features is the ability for you to personalize notes on any page.
  • The service includes new ways to share your questions, experiences, and opinions about food and about Foodary.
  • Soon, I’ll publish notes about changes to notifications that keep you updated by email or pop-up.

I’m presenting this as changes to my 2016 version of this post. So I’ve marked outdated text as deleted. Then added new text as insertions.

Welcome to Foodary Facts 2016 2022 is aimed at existing Foodary visitors and members. It explains recent changes and mentions upcoming plans.

I’ve moved Foodary.com to a new server and had a little makeover. Now, in 2022, I’m planning to make similar changes.

It‘s was the start of my new campaign to explain and encourage healthy eating. So my next campaign involves new support features that you can personalize. With your first hint being that clickable `new campaign` highlight.

I’m trying to avoid the “diet” word. If I have to use it, I prefer Alkaline or Mediterranean Diet. Even then, I feel Mediterranean Eating Style makes more sense. If you have other suggestions, let’s discuss them. Especially by using the new Foodary Nexus Comment service that I’m connecting to the end of all new and updated articles.

In this new format, I particularly want to encourage more discussion, three ways:

  1. I’m moving the healthy eating forum to a new location where I can attract more contributors.
  2. I’m enabling comments on most pages here.
  3. I’m making more resources available to respond to Foodary Helpdesk Tickets with several new features in Foodary Nexus.
Foodary.com 2016 screenshot

The new look for Foodary Facts 2016

The healthy eating forum continues to be feedback section at the end of all new and updated articles is the best place to share your questions, experiences, and opinions about healthy eating.

To ensure you don’t miss any changes, please subscribe to Foodary.com Updates. There’s a signup form near the bottom of every page. Here’s an extra one, to save you looking: I’m adding subscription details in my next update. After I’ve tested and documented this new Subscribe button…

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I’m very keen to give you easy guidelines that explain the basics of healthy eating. From feedback so far, I have some ideas for starting new guides. But, I’d rather hear it from you.

What do you struggle with most about healthy eating? How can I make food easier for you?

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I’ve moved commenting into the Foodary Nexus. Where you can share your questions, experiences, and opinions about alkaline nutrition. For more information, I recommend that you subscribe to my free newsletter.

If you are asking a question, it is best to:

  1. Search for that question in the Foodary Search Engine first.
  2. Choose the most relevant result.
  3. Refer to that result as you ask your question.

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