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Update: For the fastest responses to questions, experiences, and opinions about healthy eating, please ask in my Eating For Health Forums.

You can read more information About Eating For Health Forums. The following information about Google+ is still relevant, but my responses are fastest in the forum linked above.

Foodary provides help for any aspect of alkaline diet, nutrition data, and healthy recipes in Foodary Healthy Food Group.

This is where groups of people interested in healthy eating can help each other and share opinions and experiences.

All you need to do to join the healthy eating group is:

  1. Start your Google+ profile
  2. Follow Foodary
  3. Share your questions or information

Asking Foodary Questions

If you want good answers, you have to ask good questions:

  • Be clear what you want to achieve
  • Include as much personal information as you can. Better still, put relevant details in your profile, the simply state something like: “See my profile for full details”
  • Describe what you have already tried, and why it didn’t work”

Sharing Foodary Information

I welcome all information, experiences and opinions about any aspect of healthy eating, including alkaline diet, nutrition data, and healthy recipes.

When posting information, please respect the copyright of other people. Also, it is better to post your summary plus, if relevant, a link to full information. If that link is to information that you published, please be polite, and say so.

When posting opinions, please do not pass them off as facts. If they are facts, see the preceding paragraph.

Please share your questions, experiences and opinions in Foodary Healthy Eating Group.

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