Foodary Facts for Healthy Eating

Foodary Facts for Healthy Eating

Foodary is a web business providing nutrition facts and personal support. Especially for people who seek to improve their health through better eating habits.

Foodary is owned and run by Keith Taylor.

Nutrition Facts and Better Eating Habits

I explain nutrition facts by studying and summarizing clinical trials and science journals. Also, I look at authoritative websites and books. Then I create articles that explain the current state of nutrition awareness as single items or series of linked articles. Additionally, I create step-by-step guides to teach basic nutrition principles. So you learn how to use those principles to define and achieve your own personal health goals.

So, for complicated topics, I might create a series of factual resources, step-by-step guides to understanding those resources, and step-by-step guides to applying those principles in common situations.

At all times, you must be aware that I share factual information and learning methods, not medical advice. Especially, be sure to read the notice at the foot of each page:

Nutrition Information on Foodary is provided by an amateur nutritionist to help you understand healthy eating. Information is provided by a layman, with no medical training or qualifications. It should not be used for diagnosing or treating any health problem or disease. The information is given to help you understand your doctor’s advice and know what questions to ask. It is not a substitute for professional care. If you have an actual or suspected health problem, you should consult your doctor. icon

People and Personal Meal Planning Support

The common situations I mentioned allow thousands of people to plan healthier meals that help many diseases. But every person has their own unique circumstances. So, if you cannot adapt my standard meal plans to your unique situation, I provide personal support in my Healthy Eating Forum.

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