Theobromine Food Sources Chart

Theobromine Food Sources is my chart of foods rich in theobromine. Because I list the top 50 theobromine foods.

Theobromine Food Sources Audience

I wrote Theobromine Food Sources for anyone interested in finding foods with the highest theobromine content. In particular, for people looking for health benefits for asthma, blood pressure, cough, mood, and teeth.

Theobromine Food Sources Chart

In my theobromine foods sources chart, I list nutrients per 100g. Because most readers are concerned with calorie control, I list my food table in order of descending theobromine per calorie. However, you can click the title of each column to change the sort order. Also, you can type in the Search box to filter the list. For example, if you wanted to focus on cocoa or chocolate. Finally, especially on narrow screens, you can click the gray ➕ at the beginning of the food description, to show more nutrients.

I include PRAL Score because most Foodary readers are interested in alkaline diets. But if you are not familiar you should know that Potential Renal Acid Load is one of the few scoring systems recognized by science for measuring alkaline diet. So you should not confuse it with alkaline ash diet tables that use meaningless pH values from burnt food.

I have omitted foods with low theobromine content relative to energy. However, the complete data is available from the USDA website[1]. Or, ask me for the full list in any format you like using the feedback form below.

Chocolate Theobromine Source photo

Is chocolate your favorite Theobromine source?

Your Theobromine Food Sources

You can now see which foods have the highest theobromine content. But how you use this information depends on if you seek to increase or reduce your theobromine intake. Because it has different benefits and drawbacks depending on your health conditions[2].

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