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Meal planning is all about ingredients. But menu planning is all about food groups. Because your weekly food consumption must match healthy eating patterns. So you need food group facts to plan and monitor your diet.

Food Group Facts is a hub page for curated articles related to groups of similar foods. So if you wish, start browsing the article list now. However, groups are defined differently for foods in different situations. So I recommend you read this introduction before browsing the articles. Then you will understand the context of food groups as I apply them to Foodary articles.

Food Group Facts Introduction

I started Foodary with PRAL food lists based on the USDA nutrient database. Those versions of the database are now referred to as “SR Legacy”. Having evolved to FNDDS survey databases in current use. I have created new PRAL Food Category Lists using that FNDDS data.

Note, USDA uses WWEIA food categories for those nutrients[1]. More importantly, that data is mostly used for scientific and statistical analysis. But for eating, we are more concerned with DGA. Especially for identifying and applying food patterns. So for 2021, I am reorganizing Foodary food information into the groups used in those guidelines. During that reorganization, I will publish articles to explain why food groups are important. Also, how to use food groups properly to plan and monitor your eating patterns.

Food Group Facts List

Note that I curate this Food Group Facts List. Therefore, you will find more facts if you search using the Google Food search box near the top of each page.

  1. Alkaline Grains List
    June 10, 2023Alkaline Grains List

    Is cornmeal acidic? How about semolina bulgar wheat or couscous? See how to include grain and pasta in an alkalizing diet. Get the alkaline grains list.

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  2. Acid-Alkaline Soups, Sauces, and Gravies Food List
    June 10, 2023Acid-Alkaline Soups, Sauces, and Gravies Food List

    Is chicken soup acid or base? Learn how acid load works. Then you can turn acidic soups into alkalizing broths. Get the alkaline soup, sauce, and gravy list.

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  3. Alkaline Food Lists Explanation
    August 4, 2021Alkaline Food Lists Explanation

    Alkaline food lists are important to anyone who needs a healthy diet. Do not be misled by false acid-alkaline food charts. Get the real alkaline food lists.

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  4. Healthy Food Combinations Chart
    February 7, 2021Healthy Food Combinations Chart

    Healthy food combinations give more benefits than single foods alone. Do you know the best foods to eat together? Get the healthy food combinations chart.

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  5. Are Peanuts Acidic? What about Peanut Butter?
    February 7, 2021Are Peanuts Acidic? What about Peanut Butter?

    Are peanuts acidic or alkaline? Whichever way you measure it, peanuts are acidic. But that is not a bad thing. See why peanuts are good in an alkaline diet.

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  6. Alkaline Pasta List
    February 7, 2021Alkaline Pasta List

    The alkaline pasta list confirms your worst fears. There is no alkaline pasta. You can still eat pasta and balance pH. See the secret of alkaline pasta meals.

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  7. Nutrients for Health
    February 7, 2021Nutrients for Health

    Many health conditions rely on the right balance of nutrients. So you need to know science facts for healthy nutrition. Get Foodary’s Nutrients for Health now.

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Which Food Groups Help Your Diet?

Which Food Groups Help Your Diet?

Finally, note that the main reason for identifying food groups is to allow planning of nutrients. So I refer to “food groups” and subgroups throughout my reviews and explanations of dietary guidelines. But there is no common term for groups of nutrients. However, to avoid confusion I use the term Nutrient Types instead of Nutrient Groups.

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Food Group References

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