Blueberry Nutrition Facts

Blueberry Nutrition Facts

Blueberry Nutrition Facts is a collection of articles describing various facts about the nutrients found in blueberries.

Please note 2 important points about the nutrition articles for blueberries listed below:

  • This list is curated manually. Therefore, you will find additional resources if you search for blueberries in the search box near the top of each page.
  • I’m transferring detailed nutrition tables to a separate website. So for questions like “are blueberries acidic or alkaline” see Blueberry Nutrient Data.

What is Blueberry Food?

Blueberries are part of the fruit food group. But they are also listed as ingredients or flavorings in other food groups.

Blueberry Nutrition Articles List

  1. Alkaline Fruit Juice and Fruits List
    June 10, 2023Alkaline Fruit Juice and Fruits List

    Fruits and juices are alkaline. But there’s a wide range of PRAL values between most and least alkalizing. See Alkaline Fruits and Juices List for diet choice.

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  2. Acid-Alkaline Breakfast Cereals List
    June 10, 2023Acid-Alkaline Breakfast Cereals List

    Start the day healthy with an alkaline breakfast. See the natural way to alkalize your breakfast cereal. Get your Acid-Alkaline Breakfast Cereals Chart now.

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  3. Are Apples Alkaline? See the Alkaline Fruits List
    January 26, 2021Are Apples Alkaline? See the Alkaline Fruits List

    Are apples alkaline? Like most fruit, yes they are. But do you know the dangers of too much juice? Or too much alkalizing? See the alkaline fruits list now.

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  4. Alkaline Bread and Baked Products Food List
    January 20, 2021Alkaline Bread and Baked Products Food List

    Cakes, cookies, biscuits, and other baked goods make life sweeter. But can they be part of an alkalizing diet? Get the latest facts on alkaline bread today.

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Blueberries & Acid Reflux

As of November 2020, I cannot find any specific investigations into how blueberries affect acid reflux. So I will start looking for links between acid reflux and related food groups. Such as berries or fruit in general. But if you are aware of any relevant studies, please share them with me using the feedback form below.

Other Blueberry Nutrition Science

There are many blueberry studies about other diseases or wellbeing issues. But I have not yet reviewed any of these. So tell me if you know any blueberry science you would like me to review. Including any from this list:

  • Krikorian, Robert, Marcelle D. Shidler, Tiffany A. Nash, Wilhelmina Kalt, Melinda R. Vinqvist-Tymchuk, Barbara Shukitt-Hale, and James A. Joseph. "Blueberry supplementation improves memory in older adults." Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 58, no. 7 (2010): 3996-4000.
  • Neto, Catherine C. "Cranberry and blueberry: evidence for protective effects against cancer and vascular diseases." Molecular nutrition & food research 51, no. 6 (2007): 652-664.
  • Smith, M. A. L., K. A. Marley, D. Seigler, K. W. Singletary, and B. Meline. "Bioactive properties of wild blueberry fruits." Journal of Food Science 65, no. 2 (2000): 352-356.
  • Faria, Ana, Joana Oliveira, Patrícia Neves, Paula Gameiro, Celestino Santos-Buelga, Victor de Freitas, and Nuno Mateus. "Antioxidant properties of prepared blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) extracts." Journal of Agricultural and Food chemistry 53, no. 17 (2005): 6896-6902.
  • Kalt, W., J. E. McDonald, and H. Donner. "Anthocyanins, phenolics, and antioxidant capacity of processed lowbush blueberry products." Journal of food science 65, no. 3 (2000): 390-393.

Blueberries Food Facts Chart

Your Blueberry Nutrition Facts

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