Welcome to Foodary Facts 2016

Foodary.com 2016 screenshot

Welcome to Foodary Facts 2016 is aimed at existing Foodary visitors and members. It explains recent changes and mentions upcoming plans.

I’ve moved Foodary.com to a new server and had a little makeover.

It’s the start of my new campaign to explain and encourage healthy eating.

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Choosing Alkaline Foods For Your Healthy Diet

How Do You Choose Alkaline Foods photo

Foodary is full of alkaline foods information. I plan to make choosing alkaline foods easier with examples of alkaline diet plans.

Standard plans can help you get started with an alkaline diet. However, I prefer to help you find the alkaline foods that are right for you. That means working with you to choose the foods that match your health and your tastes.

I believe an alkaline diet is basically a healthy diet. But a diet that makes you alkaline might not be healthy for you. If you hate limited food options on a pre-made plan, you won’t stick to that diet. If you have a health problem that restricts your diet, a pre-made alkaline diet might not be your healthiest option.

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