Are Apples Alkaline? See the Alkaline Fruits List

Healthy Alkaline Fruits Table

The most important question asked this week is: Are apples alkaline?

The answer is clearly yes from the Acid-Alkaline Fruits and Fruit Juices Food Chart, but that chart only tells part of the story. The story is only complete when you eat apples as part of a healthy balanced diet. That depends on what else you eat, and how you serve the apples. One day, I’ll give you a healthy recipes plan that includes apples. In the meantime, I will explain the importance of alkaline apples with a new Alkaline Fruit List.

I will update all the Alkaline Food Lists because the old Acid-Alkaline lists have many failings. There is still room for improvement, but the new lists will pave the way for a recipe-based system. This is necessary because simple lists take food out of context. They are good for seeing if one food is better than another in isolation, but this has limited value. As a first step to improving my alkaline foods lists, the new lists are calorie-based and include more important nutritional information. The easiest way for me to explain is to show you the list. Then if you click on any link within the table, you will see an explanation.

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Alkaline Food Lists Explanation

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Alkaline food lists are nutrition statements for key foods from the USDA database. I’ve called the new tables lists to distinguish them from earlier versions that I called Acid-Alkaline Food Charts. The data is from the same source, the USDA nutrition database, but I’ve reduced the number of items and increased the amount of nutritional information.

Eventually, the data will form the heart of an interactive healthy recipes system. I’ve introduced these new changes to encourage debate about what are the most important aspects of eating for health.

Alkaline Food Lists Introduction

The old charts listed calories and PRAL (a measure of the acid or alkaline effects of food). The charts showed values for 100g servings of every food and drink item in the USDA database. This caused confusion on 2 fronts:

  1. A fixed weight makes it very difficult to compare different food items.
  2. Some items have an overwhelming number of variations, and many obscure items are completely unknown to most people.

Reducing the list to less than 600 key foods will inevitably exclude some foods that many people need to analyze. As I identify those, I will add extra items to the lists. You can request your own items on the eating for health forum, or the Foodary Facebook page.

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