Choosing Alkaline Foods For Your Healthy Diet

Foodary is full of alkaline foods information. I plan to make choosing alkaline foods easier with examples of alkaline diet plans.

Standard plans can help you get started with an alkaline diet. However, I prefer to help you find the alkaline foods that are right for you. That means working with you to choose the foods that match your health and your tastes.

I believe an alkaline diet is basically a healthy diet. But a diet that makes you alkaline might not be healthy for you. If you hate limited food options on a pre-made plan, you won’t stick to that diet. If you have a health problem that restricts your diet, a pre-made alkaline diet might not be your healthiest option.

Your Alkaline Foods Recipe

To help you find alkaline foods that are right for you, you need two main ingredients:

  1. One case of nutrition explanations
  2. Food facts to taste

Here is your simple method to find the right alkaline foods for you:
Take your empty menu plan, line it with nutrition explanations that suit your state of health, and fill it with a selection of food facts.

Is that too cryptic? Then follow the detailed method to find your alkaline foods:

How Do You Choose Alkaline Foods photo

Quick Method

1. Take your empty menu plate
Forget what you’ve read elsewhere
2. Healthy nutrition explanations
Learn what PRAL means
3. Choose your food
Wait for me to present some alkaline diet plans.

Sorry about step 3. Encourage me by discussing what you need. There are discussion links below, but in the meantime, you can choose your food from Lists of Alkaline Foods and Drinks.

Intense Method

1. Take your current diet
Take some time to analyze what you eat now and identify key diet improvement goals. Use Lists of Alkaline Foods and Drinks archive to get PRAL values for everything you eat now. Ask for help if you can’t find your food on my lists.
2. Healthy nutrition explanations
Take some time to learn all aspects of how foods contribute to alkaline diet. Browse Foods in an Alkaline Diet archive. Ask for help if you can’t relate nutrition facts to your health.
3. Choose your food
Take some time to choose alkaline foods that make a healthy balanced diet. Take another look at Lists of Alkaline Foods and Drinks archive and switch to lower PRAL foods. Ask for help if you cannot see which changes to alkaline foods will benefit your health.

As well as browsing the extensive Foodary Archives, you can find food facts by searching. Just type a simple question or a few key words into the search box near the top of the sidebar on the right. I’ve repeated the search box just below every article, so you can easily search for questions that arise as you read.

Discussing Alkaline Foods

What if you can’t find the answer, or you need to clarify how facts apply to you, or you just prefer to ask a person? Then share your questions, opinions, and experiences in:

3 ways to get personal help choosing the right alkaline foods for you.

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