What has pH Balance to do with Diseases? : An Apple A Day Keeps

An Apple A Day Photo

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Or does it? Fruit and vegetables are a must for healthy eating. But an apple a day is too simple. Get apple facts now.

I use An Apple A Day photograph to illustrate What has pH Balance to do with Diseases?. That’s all about how an alkaline diet can affect certain diseases. There are different ways to measure pH balance diet scores. PRAL, for instance is much more complicated than simply eating an apple every day. However, the principle of increasing fruit and vegetable intake is vital, however you measure diet.

In the review, I look at many ways that alkaline diets improve health. If we take the apple as a symbol of a healthier diet, we can see that nn apple a day keeps…

  • Bone wasting away
  • Muscle Wasting away
  • Growth hormone deficiency, heart disease, and memory loss away
  • Back pain away

But it probably doesn’t keep cancer away.

You can see from Are Apples Alkaline? The Alkaline Fruits List, that a pear a day is probably better than apples for keeping your diet healthy. But even better is to get a good mixture of a wide variety of different colored fruit and veg. Daily fruit and vegetables will help create an alkaline diet that helps prevent diseases.

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