High Calcium Foods photo

High Calcium Foods photo

I use the High Calcium Foods photo to illustrate Calcium for pH Balance. That is a list of high calcium foods that contribute most to an alkaline diet.

That list can help you plan and monitor your diet. But for best results, you need personal support to help you choose the best sources of calcium for your healthy diet. I provide that personal nutrition support that helps you plan a diet for any health problems you have. It’s not about maxing out on calcium rich foods. It is about creating a healthy balanced diet that suits you. It is about getting the right amount of calcium for your health. In the Eating For Health forum, we can discuss your health issues, and find the right way to balance your diet with calcium intake that suits you.

Simply ask about calcium in your healthy eating plan now. If you have any problems using the forum, I have 3 other ways to help you:

  1. Click the red Help button.
  2. Use the feedback form below.
  3. Raise a ticket in Foodary Healthy Eating Helpdesk.

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