PRAL Potential Renal Acid Load

Welcome to my new PRAL (Potential Renal Acid Load) hub page for 2021.

As PRAL is a cornerstone of the Foodary website, I want you to first understand it. Then explore it. But to explore PRAL properly, you need a guide. So this is it – an overview of PRAL with links to details of each aspect.

Aspects of PRAL Potential Renal Acid Load

For now, this is my last mention of Potential Renal Acid Load. I’ll just type PRAL, and if you need to know exactly what that means, follow that link.

To me, PRAL is a simple concept. Because it defines how alkaline diet should be measured. By which I mean Good Alkaline Diet, aka PRALkaline Diet. Unfortunately alkaline diet got a bad name from people who misunderstood pH and ash. Which I can now dismiss as Bad Alkaline Diet, aka Ashinine Diet. For the avoidance of doubt, it’s OK to discuss ash-based diets if you are running a commentary on fads from the last millennium. But to continue applying outdated ideas about food pH today is asinine – hence Ashinine fools!

Here are the aspects of PRAL that currently define the Foodary website subcategories:

PRAL Score
I’m moving PRAL scores to new tables that reflect the food categories for What We Eat in America. So you can track the progress of that project at PRAL Food Category List. I will publish new PRAL score articles here on the Foodary website that show how and where the PRAL scoring system is applied in scientific research. See PRAL Score – Acid Load Scoring Facts.
PRAL Alkalinity
Many people are confused by outdated alkalinity scores using ash-based pH scales. Charts of those misleading numbers are widespread. So I often use the term PRAL Alkalinity to emphasize that we are using a scientifically proved calculation method.
PRAL Calculator
Personally, I’ve always used spreadsheets as my PRAL calculator. Because I usually want a list of values for several foods. Either for comparison or to calculate my total PRAL Score (see above). But I’m happy to provide a standalone PRAL calculator as an app, or as a web page. So if you want such a tool, please ask me in the feedback form below.
This now starts at USDA PRAL List. So it’s the last mention of USDA in the context of PRAL on the Foodary website. Note that, at least for now, this group includes “PRAL List” and PRAL Food List”. Because I’m moving all the USDA lists and associated scoring tools to ALKAscore.
PRAL Index
The PRAL Index is the result of the PRAL calculation. So it’s also called PRAL Value, PRAL Score (see above), PRAL Number, etc.

PRAL Acid Load Estimate

PRAL Acid Load Estimate

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