PRAL pH Balance Calculation

How do you measure your food intake?

There is a simple calculation for acid and alkaline foods that can measure your pH balance diet score. However, like many things that are simple, there is more to the pH balance calculation than meets the eye.

Let’s start with some background.

pH Balance Calculation Background

pH balance means different things to different people. At Foodary, I assume it to mean:
pH balance is the overall balance between acid and alkali (base) in the human body, as measured by the alkalinity of urine.

The important points are:

  • pH (powers of hydrogen) is a specific scale showing acid or alkaline properties.
  • pH Balance is a balance between acid and alkali – both are important
  • pH Balance is measurable
  • pH Balance relates to urine from the kidneys, as distinct from blood acid base balance
  • pH Balance relates to the effect of diet on the body after digestion of food and drink

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