Hello Food Diary Lovers

Welcome to foodary, the food diary discussion website.

The purpose of this site is to help you make the most of your online food diary, especially where you are planning your diet to improve your health. Before we can do that, we have to develop a suitable online food diary, so early discussions will focus on the features of my online food diary that are important to you.

My motivation for starting this website comes from my successful health website, where nutrition is important to managing some aspects of the condition, though not as important as many people believe. I found that providing good nutrition information was detracting from the main purpose of the health website. Also, I found existing food diary tools somewhat restrictive, and wanted to develop my own. Therefore, I have decided to separate nutrition from that particular project, and focus on providing the best food diary tools here.

For the first few months, I will focus on sharing my views about good food diary features, and seek your views as well, so that we can build the ultimate nutrition support environment. At the same time, I will transfer some of my basic nutrition tables here, which can act as a starting point to discuss the required features.

Experience tells me that the best way to progress on projects like this is to engage people who have a high level of interest in the topic. For that reason, I restrict discussion contributions to logged-in members. Membership is free, and registration is easy. Only people who have registered here, and contributed to the discussions, will be invited to use the online food diary when it becomes available.