Yogurt Diabetes photo

Yogurt Diabetes photo

I use this Yogurt Diabetes photo as the featured image for Does Yogurt Help Diabetes?

That is a specific example of how one food might help diabetics. On Foodary, I’m more concerned with total diet. I’m especially interested in planning healthy diets that are nutritionally well-balanced. Then I aim to tweak them to be most effective for diabetes.

Yoghurt is an example of one potential tweak that can improve a healthy diet for diabetes. We know that alkaline diets are generally healthy. We also know that a pH-balanced diet can help diabetics. Clearly there is scope to improve a healthy diabetic diet.

Yoghurt, Diabetes, and You

But, the most important factor in a diabetic diet is you. There is no point in planning a diet around yoghurt if you don’t like it, or if you are yoghurt-intolerant. That is why I provide the Eating For Health Forum. You can tell me your likes and dislikes, and I can help you plan a diet that is healthy, good for diabetes, and right for you. Simply ask about eating for diabetic health now. If you have any problems using the forum, I have 3 other ways to help you:

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  3. Raise a ticket in Foodary Healthy Eating Helpdesk.

Yogurt Diabetes Photo Details

My illustration is from an original image that is copyright: ritablue / 123RF Stock Photo. Click on the yogurt photograph below for more details.

Yogurt in green bowl

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