Your Healthy Recipes

Foodary is here to listen to your favorite foods, maybe listen to any health problems you have, and provide you with tasty, healthy recipes that help you maintain or improve your health.

I am Keith Taylor, and I developed Foodary for my own health needs. There is a history that started with a food diary. When I started that, I got great feedback from many visitors. After lots of discussions, and my own growing awareness, I realized I don’t want a food diary. I want healthy recipes that are generally nutritious, but which also help my personal health. I want to go further than that, and provide an online service to all people who are concerned how their food affects their health.

Your Healthy Recipes

Your Healthy Recipes photoI believe that you should enjoy food and drink without worrying if it is harming you.

I am building a range of healthy recipes that I like, and these will be available to anyone that wants them. That’s good for me, but what about you?

I want you to tell me what foods you like, and I will find healthy recipes that include those foods. Those recipes will meet the average needs of a typical person. That is better than a bad diet, but together, we can go further.

As you read this, I am researching various health problems to see if those conditions are affected by food and drink. If they are, I will offer variations of healthy recipes specifically aimed at particular health conditions. For this to work, you have to tell me what illnesses are causing you diet problems.

Eventually, I will present healthy recipes in an interactive personal diet planning program. You can influence what gets included in that program. You do not have to wait for the program to be completed before you get fantastic benefits from this scheme.

Tell me your favorite foods, and I will prepare the healthy recipes I described above. I will add these to my database for future use, but you will get them as soon as I complete them.

The same applies to your health problems. Tell me how health problems are restricting your diet, or causing you worries about food. As soon as I prepare healthy recipes for my database, you will get copies immediately.

The process is very simple. Join the Healthy Eating Group now. It’s free and you can leave anytime you want. You can use your real name, or make something up. Tell me about your favorite foods, together with any health problems if you wish. I will do whatever research and recipe testing is required. Then I will send you your healthy recipes.